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They say love is in the air but I really cannot see it. Nowadays love has totally lost its meaning with the new trends in sugar daddy dating emerging. This is the type of dating where one, the sugar daddy, pays the sugar baby to have sex with him. Is this really dating? This is prostitution because with dating it involves the heart and not money. If it is dating the man should treat her lady not just because he wants to have sex with her but because he loves her.

The sugar daddy dating trend has become so popular that it almost looks normal. Men remove money for companionship while ladies sell their bodies for money, vacation, presents or queen treatment. The term all sponsor is nowadays used to refer to the sugar daddies. You find an old man with a girl the age of his daughter having sex with each other and claiming to be sugar daddy dating. They say when it comes to love age is just a number. Really, is it when the age difference is more than twice?

This dating trend has majorly propelled by internet dating sites with captivating captions such as sugar daddy dating sites or sugar daddy meet and the likes. If you just type sugar daddy in your web browser numerous suggestions for these sugar daddy and sugar baby sites pop up within seconds. These websites such as sugar sugar even has a sugar expert whose duty is to guide the sugar daddy or sugar baby. The sites offer their customers a no strings attached kind of relationship. This way the sugar daddy cannot be hooked to the sugar baby.

Social media has also opened up an avenue for sugar daddies and sugar babies communicating with each other. Avenues such as facebook, instagram and twitter are also possible places where sugar daddy meet sugar baby. They communicate there and end up meeting to do what they both intend to do.

Mobile dating apps are also on the rise. Through these apps too the same thing conspires and sugar daddy meets sugar baby. Apps such as tinder, mico, find love and the rest have made this kind of dating simple with features that can enable you narrow down and find someone that is within your location or area. This makes it easier for the two of you to meet.

The disadvantage of this kind of dating is that it portrays women as weak creatures who can easily be bought off with money. The other problem is that both the sugar baby and the sugar daddy are at risk of contracting communicable diseases or sexually transmitted diseases. Also the sugar daddy and baby are taking risks meeting up with a stranger who might just happen to be a bully and place their lives in danger.

Anyway whether we like it or not these activities will continue taking place whether it is in the open or underground. I rest my case for the adults (anyone above 18) but for the minors please exclude yourselves from sugar daddy dating. Parents should be careful and know what your child is doing and control their actions.