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Factors That Influence Sugar Daddy Dating

One of the most recent trends in luxury lifestyle is women dating older men in exchange of a monthly allowance. Often known as sugar daddies, these millionaires are looking for companionship. They are ready to pamper their dates to any extent. [Read More...]

Why Are Sugar Babies In Dire Need Of Sugar Daddies?

While the world has arguably gone liberal and what used to be taboo is no longer looked upon with contempt and treated with ridicule, the concept of sugar daddy dating still attracts a fair share of censure especially in those regions of the world where culture and religion pretty much dictate everything. This makes one wonder; has the world chosen not to understand sugar baby-sugar daddy relationships. What exactly do parties in such relationships stand to get and is the affair just as any other in terms of expectations and basic practices? These are just some of the hard questions and in this article...[Read More...]