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They say love is in the air but I really cannot see it. Nowadays love has totally lost its meaning with the new trends in sugar daddy dating emerging. This is the type of dating where one, the sugar daddy, pays the sugar baby to have sex with him. Is this really dating? This is prostitution because with dating it involves the heart and not money. If it is dating the man should treat her lady not just because he wants to have sex with her but because he loves her. [Read More...]

Trending Ways To Sugar Daddy Dating

In this modern day and age, the dating scene is finding a newer face that is quite difficult to overlook. Powered by the ever evolving technology, online dating has taken the world by storm. Nowadays, you do not have to overstretch your resources and funds to meet a lady on a face to face platform. With the best option in town, most people are finding it way simpler and less time consuming to take up the online dating scene. ...[Read More...]