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Sugar Babies In US Are Dating Sugar Daddies Online

For those who don’t know, the terms sugar baby and sugar daddy are common terms of the 21st century which express some relationships that have been happening since the birth of mankind. A sugar daddy is a well stablished man, with a lot of resources (usually money) who dates young girls, known as sugar babies. In general, the sugar baby gives the sugar daddy her company at exchange for gifts and other experiences; that is the basic structure of this relationship.

Obviously, this has happened throughout history in countless occasions, and it can be simplified as a simple exchange which happens between 2 (or more) persons: the sugar daddy gives gifts and money at exchange of company and, let’s be frank, mostly sex from the sugar baby. In current times, this is badly seen by society since it is commonly considered as a type of prostitution, but the trend of being a sugar daddy or a sugar baby has grown a lot, especially in modern countries.

Whether it is considered as a bad thing or a good thing, depends on the conception of the reader and his ideological background, but for now we will discuss the facts from an economical and impartial point of view to notice something peculiar from this phenomenon, why is this trend growing so fast in recent years?

First let’s discuss the main method of communication between sugar-daddies and sugar-babies: Websites. Since people concerning in these relationships are not seen very good in current society, they prefer to arrange their meetings by being anonymous at the other site of a computer screen, where they can’t be judged nor caught. Therefor, the demand of good websites to support these activities created a market in which hundreds of webpages has been created, being the most commons sugardaddie .com, and

After the sugar-daddy and sugar-baby have gotten in contact then they arrange meetings and discuss the conditions for the exchange of goods, which mostly turns to be an exchange between sex and other sexual experiences for money and services. According to the statistics, most of the sugar-babies are young women from ages 18 to 26, where 33% of them are students while 36% of them are called “white collars”. White collars are women with a stable income which desire to live wealthy moments and buy expensive clothes.

When the sugar daddy and sugar baby decide to separate, then the exchange is over and the cycle repeats. According to the data, 87% of these relationships is short term, while 11% is long term and only 2% turns into a marriage. How this happens is very straight forward, but what is alarming is the ratio between sugar daddies and sugar babies. On average, there are 4 sugar babies for each sugar daddy, and the reason for this is that young girls are consciously ok with exchanging their bodies and appearance for resources and money in order to pay things which will grant them a better future, in the long run. Students sugar babies usually ask to pay for university and tuition fees, while others prefer to get expensive clothes which will grant them a better look on the future… However, it is to note that a big percentage of them just do it for the fun and experience.